Its okay. Mummy is just very tired…

– And other things our children say.

Kids see the world so differently to us, but understand so much more than we do!

Children; resilient, sensitive, witty & really honest. You cannot rival a childs mind, vivid imagination & perception of the world. Raising children leaves me constantly fascinated with how just a look or a tone of my voice can tell my children all they need to know.

As you may have read in my previous blog post, my son was very young when we explained to him that Mummy had Bipolar, so we was limited on what we could say. But it got me to thinking, about the things my son says & the way he rationalises his mother’s illness.

Instinctively, my children know when I am depressed or manic. I look back on these periods, when I am stable & I feel such anguish that my children see me in these states. I constantly get prangs of heartache thinking I may of scared them, or may be projecting my negativity onto them. Learning that my mental illness effects all of us is the hardest mountain to climb.

I think I’ve been over thinking it!

My children and I are very close. They know I love them dearly, I am as open as I can possibly be with them about Bipolar. This panic I’ve built up about how my bipolar affects my children, seems really unfounded. My son, in his childlike wonder, says on days I’m depressed & intolerable, “Its okay. Mummy is just very tired”. When ‘Super Happy Fun Time, let’s have sweets for breakfast’ Mummy comes out, my Son instinctively tells his Daddy “Mummy is getting hyper again” .

In my experience, as my children are so young, it is all they’ve known of their Mummy, so it’s water off of a ducks back. I may let myself believe my children absolutely despise me, in certain states, but actually they just love me unconditionally, as I do them!

So what about you, Dear Reader? Do your children rationalise your illness in ways you find fascinating or resilient? Comment down below & share you experiences!

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14 thoughts on “Its okay. Mummy is just very tired…

  1. It’s awesome when you have a supportive family and since your kids love you. They will understand. I would say it’s good when you go back to moments like that. It gives you an insight into what would happen.

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  2. As someone who doesn’t have bipolar this was very interesting to read. It sounds like you have a great supportive system in place and it does sound like your children do love you unconditionally. Thank you for sharing, this was very insightful x

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  3. Thank you for sharing this honest post.

    Children are resilient and it’s real life to be honest about our struggles.

    I felt the same in the past. Especially after my breakdown. My little one was the priority, but I didn’t have the energy for much. Luckily my hubby took charge.

    It’s hard & thank you for raising awareness. This post will help someone in a similar situation xx

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    1. I must admit I too am lucky to have a supportive husband who can take over when I really cannot deal with life in general, let alone 3 children.
      Yes, the aim is to be as open as possible in the hopes that my story will resonate with other Mother’s.
      Thank you for sharing & for your comment x


  4. I think you’re spot on when you say that if it’s all they’ve ever known then it’s water off a duck’s back. I don’t have bipolar so I’d be wary of making an uninformed comment but I firmly believe your kids love you unconditionally, the same as you do them x

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  5. Thanks for sharing this! It must be exhausting to manage sometimes, but you sounds like you have wonderful family support, which is so important when you have a mental illness. I was diagnosed with depression in 2014. Now I’m a full-time Mum and blogger and honestly, sometimes I do suffer from bouts of depression and I get so incredibly overwhelmed and exhausted, but I always take it day by day 🙂 You’re right, our children only know you as their parent and they accept who we are, as it’s all they’ve known. Great post.

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